About Cagli

Getting to Cagli



The countryside around Cagli is very lightly-trafficked, making a day out in the country, visiting local towns and villages and just marvelling at the beauty of the area very easy and enjoyable.  Many roads are so lightly-trafficked and easy-paced that a day out on a bicycle is well within the fitness levels of most guests. There are also many walking tracks around Cagli, ranging from cross-country flat stretches to serious but easily navigable climbs in the nearby mountains.  (See the photo in our album of the 11-kilometre climb up Monte Petrano.) To make your holiday in Cagli as enjoyable as possible the owners of Palazzo Bonclerici, the Romanini family, have arranged special prices for tennis, swimming, mountain-bike, and horse-riding. as well as car and bicycle rentals.  They can also provide useful information on where to go, especially for walking and cycling trips.

Both apartments carry guidebooks and detailed maps with all the information you need on what to see and do in Cagli and nearby towns of Le Marche and Umbria.  They cover cultural events, natural attractions as well as plenty of information on the best architectural, historic and gastronomic itineraries.

While we're on the subject of getting out and about we may as well provide a little information about the weather in Cagli. Certainly, we are asked often enough "What's the weather like at that time of year?" to have made it worth our time to do a bit of research into Cagli's average monthly rainfall and its average monthly minimum and maximum temperatures. Below are the fruits of our research.



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