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Lo stemma di Palazzo Bonclerici

Lo Stemma di cagli, Cagli's coat-of-arms


We can give you one overwhelmingly convincing and irrefutable reason for staying in Cagli: la famiglia Romanini. Whereas as our apartments in Montone are rented self-catered (not that that's necessarily a bad thing, it can be a good thing) .... anyway, whereas as our apartments in Montone are rented self-catered, our two apartments in Palazzo Bonclerici are managed lovingly and on-site by the Romanini family, particularly Tilde and Romano.

Tilde Romanini was born in Palazzo Bonclerici and loves it with a passion. Romano, her husband, is a foreigner - he was born a few k up the road - but clearly, time has taught him to love Cagli and Palazzo Bonclerici, along with Tilde and their two sons, Simone and Guido, also with a passion.

If we seem to be getting a bit off the track, it's because we're trying to convey the message that when you stay at Palazzo Bonclerici you get not just wonderful accommodation but also an absolutely heartfelt and genuine welcome and marvellous continuing service.

We took on Palazzo Bonclerici at a bad time in the tourism business and we are gutted that we have been able to send only a few guests their way, but those who have stayed there have loved it and la famiglia Romanini.

Anything else?:
~ Palazzo Bonclerici, built in the 15th century and about 1,000 sq.m., more than repays inspection;
~ Palazzo Bonclerici's cool and refreshing private garden;
~ Cagli is a pretty, quiet town off the tourist track, with many very good restaurants in town and nearby;
~ the opportunity to explore the beautiful countryside and nearby towns, on quiet rural roads;
~ walks and bike-riding in the local countryside on roads even quieter than those in Umbria;
~ (at the risk of repeating ourselves) the wonderful hospitality of the Romanini family.

Michele Day & Stephen Jones


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