By staying as a guest at any holiday rental property or properties let from Belle Vacanze ('the accommodation') you are deemed to have read and understood the information and warnings set out below.  You are also deemed to have agreed to indemnify the owners of the accommodation against any loss, hurt, damage or injury occasioned to you or any person invited by you into the accommodation, while resident therein.

All tariffs are quoted initially in Australian dollars.  The tariff you will pay will be the one we quote at the time of agreement.  Subsequent changes to tariffs shown on our website (up or down) will not apply to the tariff you pay.  The advertised tariffs include gas, heating, use of all facilities, weekly cleaning and change of linen. Discounted tariffs apply to rental periods of a fortnight and longer and multiple rentals.
The accommodation will be prepared, with fresh linen, and clean and tidy when you arrive.
The maximum number of guests resident in the accommodation at any time shall be the number stipulated by Belle Vacanze.
Minimum rental period of the accommodation is seven days.
Arrival time is nominally 4.00 pm, Saturdays.  Should you arrive earlier the cleaners may still be at work, in which case you may leave your luggage and check out the local bars.
Departure time is no later than 10.00 am, Saturdays.
Owing to its heritage value, the accommodation does not necessarily meet modern building codes.
The doorways and ceilings in some parts of the accommodation are sometimes lower than those in an ordinary home.  Care needs to be taken in these areas to avoid bumping one's head.
Some windows in the accommodation may be barred, thus hindering easy exit in the event of fire or earthquake.
The owners of the accommodation and the proprietors of Belle Vacanze do not carry insurance cover in the event of theft of guests' luggage or belongings.  The owners and proprietors of Belle Vacanze will not pay for losses incurred by guests while resident in the accommodation .  (We strongly recommend that you carry adequate travel insurance.)
For the benefit of other guests, smoking and pets are not permitted in the accommodation.
The accommodation is equipped with its own linen, towels and kitchen accessories.  The standard rental price includes: heating, electricity, water and gas, weekly cleaning, weekly supply of fresh linen and cleaning on departure.
Payment of the full tariff is usually made in two parts: a deposit (usually between 20% and 30% of the total tariff) and the balance which is normally payable 60 days before commencement of the rental period.  In some cases the second payment is payable in euros on arrival at the accommodation.  Especially in the case of longer rentals payment schedules can be tailored to suit your requirements.
We send you the keys and directions as soon as possible after receipt of the second payment OR if the second payment is to be made on arrival at the accommodation approximately 60 days before commencement of the rental period.
If the first payment is not received within seven days we reserve the right to cancel the reservation.
In the event of a cancellation, we will refund up to 80% of moneys received, provided we are able to re-book the period cancelled.

Stephen Jones, Belle Vacanze: (02) 6687 1211 or Click here to send us an email