La Festa del Bosco, a four-day festival held in Montone every year in October- November, celebrating the areas local produce


Good, you made it in; it's a miracle that you found us. According to Google there are approximately 3,240,000 pages under "holiday apartments italy" and God knows where we are. As this may be your last opportunity, please take a second to bookmark our website before you check out what we have to offer. Let's face it, against those odds you'll probably never find us again.

So, what to do next?

Click on the hyperlink to the Apartments page above and you'll find a brief description of the seven apartments we offer. While you're there click on the thumbnails and take a photographic tour of the apartments, five of which are in Montone, a small medieval village in northern Umbria and two in Cagli, a larger town, about an hour east of Montone.

In our website you'll find: more than 90 full-colour photographs; a few maps; a couple of weather tables, 74 guests' comments and a host of FAQs. The 74 guests' comments are probably overkill but in these days of global economic crisis, colourless politicians fuelling paranoia over terrorism and a world-weary public's scepticism about practically everything, it's good to know that other intrepid souls have gone before you, put the toe in the water and found the temperature more than satisfactory.

Of course, there's the usual boring stuff that infest websites: Conditions of Rental, Tariffs and that hardy perennial About us. We suggest you have a quick look at them, if only to satisfy yourself how much you'll be up for and that all that we say is aboveboard and kosher.

Because there are so many pages in our website, we have a site map. If you get lost in one of the many alleys, nooks and crannies of the site come back to the BV Portal and click on the link.

Finally, don't forget to Contact us.

The photograph above shows part of Montone, with la Porta del Borgovecchio, the main entrance to the village partly hidden behind the "s" in "Photos".


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