BELLE VACANZE'S APARTMENTS: la Mansarda, Appartamenti Arietani, Montone

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Base weekly tariffs
la Mansarda only
1st payments: $A908.00
2nd payment: 85 euros
la Mansarda + la Mansarda
1st payments: $A1,248.00
2nd payment: 115 euros

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La Mansarda is the smaller of Appartamenti Arietani's apartments.

Accommodating four guests, it is a cute, light, and spacious apartment on the 3rd floor, with Persian shuttered windows, in a prime position, overlooking Piazza Fortebraccio. Ideal for honeymooners, a couple or a family with one or two younger children, la Mansarda is expandable to a party of six, when combined with the 1st-floor Studio (see below).
La Mansarda seats six to dinner.

La Mansarda is equipped with:
   -   central heating;
   -   bathroom with shower, toilet, bidet and handbasin;
   -   oven, stove and refrigerator;
   -   washing-machine & clothes-dryer;
   -   well-appointed kitchen;
   -   all cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery, pots and pans;
   -   wireless internet;
   -   television with DVD player and
   -   English-language books and travel brochures.

Lo Studio

Lo Studio, located on the 1st floor of Appartamenti Arietani, is a large bedroom with queen-size bed, ensuite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe. Lo Studio allows the expansion of il Balcone into very comfortable and private accommodation for a party of up to six guests. As it is without cooking, washing and drying facilities, we rent lo Studio only in combination with at least one other of our fully-furnished apartments.

Appartamenti Arietani, overlooking Montone's Piazza Fortebraccio

Built during the 14th century and overlooking Montone's centrepiece, Piazza Fortebraccio, Appartamenti Arietani are among the oldest buildings in Montone.  With metre-thick stone walls, chestnut doors, double-glazed windows and elegant shutters, a lovely range of ceramics and wall-hangings, the apartments were refurbished and redecorated in 2004.

The apartments - il Balcone and la Mansarda - are light and airy and reached by a common stairwell which services only the apartments.  Total carrying capacity of both apartments (plus lo Studio, a 'studio bedroom' containing one bedroom, en-suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe) is 10 guests.

Owned by Australians, Stephen Jones and Michele Day, the apartments are managed day-to-day by our English-speaking agent, who lives nearby in Montone.

A short history of Appartamenti Arietani

The building housing Appartamenti Arietani is one of the oldest in Montone - at least 600 years old, about the same age as the Post Office about 20 metres across the piazza.

It appears likely that the building only had three floors until the late 18th or early 19th century when the top (mansard or attic) floor was added.  The apartments were remodelled and renovated extensively during the late 1980s and further renovated and refurbished by the current owners, Stephen Jones and Michele Day, during the first few months of 2004.

Parking is easy, with six parking areas of varying capacities just outside the town walls. Montone is a small village so usually you'll find a place within 150 metres, rarely more than 200 metres from the apartments.


Stephen Jones, Belle Vacanze: (02) 6687 1211 or Click here to send us an email