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Montone does not have reliable, tourist-friendly public transport. It's a shame but Montone would not have remained the beautiful village that it is had it had tourist-friendly public transport even twenty years ago ... and it certainly would never have made it to the official list of most beautiful villages in Italy.

Unless you want to put up your feet and go nowhere else while you're in Montone you will need a car.

If you need the car for a couple of weeks we suggest that your hire it. If Montone is your first port of call, the best places from which to pick up a car are Fiumicino Airport or near the railway station at Arezzo on the Rome-Florence rail line.

If you need the car for a few weeks we suggest you explore the car-leasing option via a company such as Eurolease, especially if you intend to start and end your European holiday in France. There are no delivery or return fees if you pick up and return the vehicle anywhere within France. Outside France delivery and return fees amount to a few hundred euros. We suggest you speak to your travel agent about this option; it could save you a quite a wad of your hard-earned.

Finding your way to Montone is easy, especially as we provide easy-to-follow directions to our guests 60 days before the date of commencement of the rental period. Apart from following our marvellous directions there are other methods of finding your way to Montone. Many of our guests hire or lease cars with GPS navigation, while others prefer the good, old-fashioned directions offered by the Michelin website. If the latter suits you, click on the Michelin Man and, type in the following three lines in each of the destination fields:
Piazza Braccio Fortebraccio
06014 Montone


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