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Then again, why not stay in Montone? The first time we visited Montone - Boxing Day 1998, a beautifully-clear day - we and our then small children were gobsmacked by the beauty of the architecture and the magnificence of the panoramas from the town walls. Since then, our awe of and admiration for the town have only increased.

So what has Montone got going for it? What's so good about it that our guests love the place to bits and want to return even when they can't afford to? We've already mentioned the architecture and the views so we can move on to:
~ the wonderful friendliness of the locals, who really do like seeing Australians in their village;
~ four of the best restaurants in Umbria, all within 200 metres of our apartments;
~ a tranquillity that cannot be found in towns and cities on the tourist track;
~ walks in the local countryside, away from the nonexistent hustle and bustle of the village;
~ the fact that Italians choose to holiday in Montone;
~ the avalanche of guests endorsements contained in our website;
~ because we've put a helluva lot of effort into producing this website;
~ because it'll be one in the eye for the mega-providers who offer tens of thousands of holiday apartments and who, unlike us, couldn't give a toss about the quality of the accommodation;
~ because the proprietors of Belle Vacanze are moderately-nice people; and
~ finally, because you owe it to yourself to stay somewhere nice and relaxing, within easy striking distance of the fleshpots of Assisi, Perugia, Siena, Pietralunga and Florence.

Michele Day & Stephen Jones, the highly unbiassed proprietors of Belle Vacanze


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