BELLE VACANZE'S APARTMENTS: Passeggiata in Giardino, Palazzo Bonclerici, Cagli

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Base weekly tariff
1st payment: $A210.00
2nd payment: 504 euros

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Appartamento Aperitivo in Piazza is one of two apartments in 15th-century Palazzo Bonclerici owned and managed day to day by the Romanini family. The apartment is decorated with period furniture and open onto Palazzo Bonclerici's 400-square-metre private garden, a green oasis a few steps from the main square of the town - an ideal place in which the children can play and the adults can relax.

Passeggiata in Giardino contains one bedroom and bathroom. With a very comfortable double sofabed in the loungeroom, the apartment easily accommodates a family of three. The total area of the apartment is approximately 58 square metres. So, there is room to enjoy all the amenities offered by this very elegant and beautiful apartment. Satellite TV and DVD-player.

The apartment comes equipped with:
   -   central heating;
   -   1 bathroom with shower, toilet, bidet & handbasin;
   -   oven, stove and refrigerator;
   -   shared washing-machine & clothes-dryer;
   -   well-appointed kitchens
   -   all cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery, pots and pans;
   -   satellite television with DVD player and
   -   English-language books and travel brochures.

Parking is close by - behind Palazzo Bonclerici.

Note: A member of the family will be available to collect guests arriving on the 'Roma-Rimini' bus service. Let us know if you would like to be collected. The pick-up service is included in the tariff.

A brief history of Palazzo Bonclerici

The 15th-century Palazzo Bonclerici is named after its builder, Guido Buonclerico.  Formerly named de' Rossi, Guido, secretary to Urbino's famous Duke of Montefeltro, was honoured by his patron with the name Buonclerico - bonus et doctus clericus - 'good and learned priest' - nowadays shortened to BonclericiIt was during his reign as Bishop of Cagli - 1478 to 1484 - that Buonclerico built the palace.

The main floor of the palace, the piano nobile, where the bishop lived with his family, was transferred to the Ubaldelli family during the 18th century.  It is decorated very elegantly with a fresco-covered ceiling.

The palace and the large adjoining garden with its centuries-old trees are in the centre of Cagli, set among the town's most imposing buildings, just a few steps from the central piazza, the cathedral, the theatre, the Torrione of Francesco di Giorgio Martini, and many other historic palaces of the town.


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