Via dell'Ospedale, Montone: midway point of the 79 Steps


Tariffs are payable partly in Australian dollars and partly in euros.

The actual tariffs are set out below but for those who want to know what they're up for in Australian dollars, as a rough guide tariffs for one week (Saturday to Saturday) range from about $1,050 for a one-bedroom apartment accommodating three guests to approximately $1,480 for a two-bedroom apartment accommodating four or five guests.


Payment in Australia

Payment on arrival

Palazzo Bonclerici (Cagli)
  -  Aperitivo in Piazza
710 euros
  -  Passeggiata in Giardino
504 euros

Casa Valdeste (Montone)

110 euros

Casa Libera (Montone)
  -  Appartamento di Sopra
710 euros
  -  Appartamento di Sotto
504 euros

Appartamenti Arietani (Montone)
  -  il Balcone
100 euros
  -  la Mansarda
85 euros
  -  lo Studio
30 euros

The tariffs listed above are comprehensive (i.e. no extra charges) and for rental periods commencing at 4.00 pm Saturday and terminating at 10.00 am Saturday.

Final payments (euros) are due on arrival at the apartment(s) or at a time convenient to you and our agent.

Discounts are available for multiple bookings and for rental periods of two weeks and longer.

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